2010 Stimulus check

October 31, 2009

The 2010 stimulus check is set to help over 90% of Americans, but how will this affect you? The changes operated after the implementation of the stimulus have shown themselves clearly in 2009 by way of the stimulus check a high percentage of citizens have received, but its continuation in 2010 will be a bit different. The way in which the stimulus will work consists in a decrease in federal taxes, which will manifest itself through increases in average Americans’ paychecks.

But how do you know you qualify for this generalized federal tax deduction that is part of the government’s stimulus package and how should you go about receiving what the government is offering you, like a 2010 stimulus check ? First of all, in order to qualify, you must be paying social security; this means you have to be employed (or self-employed), i.e. you must be working and paying taxes. You must also make sure that your income does not exceeded the amount of $95,000 per year, or, if you are married and wish to submit a joint stimulus consideration request, then the joint income of the two applicants mustn’t exceed $190,000 per year. You must also keep in mind that certain restrictions to the federal tax cut the stimulus will grant you apply if your annual intake exceeds $75,000 or if you and your spouse’s joint annual income exceeds $150,000.

The federal tax deduction comprised in the stimulus will put in (or rather, not take out of) your pocket the sum of $400 (or for a joint application a total of $800). This is money the government normally would have taken out of your salary that you are now allowed to keep. It’s the same amount you will receive in 2009, only divided along 12 months instead of 9. This, in case you meet all the requirements and benefit from the full tax deduction. The amount of the deduction will be smaller depending on where you stand on the annual income chart. You will not be receiving a check in the mail or a check from your employer to mark the stimulus tax cut, but rather, you will be receiving an extra few dollars every month on top of what you’ve been earning so far. Those with maximal benefits from the stimulus will cash an extra $33 every month for the duration of the 2010 stimulus check thanks to the stimulus plan. That means that if you are filing for the federal tax deduction with someone else, together you will receive $66 every month.

If you are working two jobs and qualify for the federal tax cut, you will probably need to be extra careful. As it turns out, you stand to get a tax deduction on both paychecks, which means that you that you have double benefits, which unfortunately isn’t possible. Even if you are working two jobs, you only qualify for one share of the stimulus plan, which means that if you receive the something extra on your paychecks from both jobs, you will either have to notify one of your employers instructing them to desist, or you will be required to return the extra money after the end of the fiscal year.

The tax deductions that accompany the stimulus plan are meant to make it easier to navigate through the economic crisis, for the hard working Americans who find themselves having difficulty keeping up with the ever changing economic climate. While it might not seem like much on a grand scale, the federal tax deduction comprised in the 2010 stimulus check can make things a lot easier for many of those who are struggling to make ends meet.

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  1. i dont think people should be drug tested caus they need government assistance.one because you have folks in the government doing more wrong then the folks out on the streets,so you drug test them then also.iam in the nursing field i say all job should drug test,stop trying to down folks that receive government help.times are hard for everyone it may come a time you may lose everything you have and may need government assistance,then you have to take time out go take test to see if you on any drugs.Thats money you have work for all those years, i dont want to have to take no test becaus i need some foodstamps for me and my kids.jus not right.

  2. TENISHA WILLIAMS on April 10, 2011 at 10:52 am


  3. You know what is really sad, everyone is blaming each other. But the real fault goes to those CEO’s and political giants. All they care about are their own pockets and how they can expand them. When our fore fathers created this country and the leaders we are now taught to follow blindly. When it began they were for the support of our country. But instead they have twisted it concerning more on their own money than making sure the people of this country live well. We need to take a stand. We need to stop it now before it gets worse. This so called recession were in could have been averted. And it can be fixed. But there are no over night fixes. It’ll take time, but not all this time. All the money the government just threw to these companies was a waste. And they all knew it. But they did it any way for 2 reasons. 1. To keep the population at bay with the assumption that the government is trying to help, and keep control over us.: 2. To gain some control over these companies. They were becoming too large and working out ways to pay less taxes. And that was thinning the government pockets. All this crapp their doing. It just a way to keep us thinking their wanting to help us. Don’t fall for it. Oh and bush was a good president. He may not have been the brightest color in the box. But he knew the best stimulus was for the people. Not the companies.

  4. Latrisa weaver on January 24, 2011 at 1:45 pm

    I’m hearing a lot of people talk about what Obama is or isn’t doing. And sadly, I feel that it all has to do with his race. Bush stepped into office, and before we could blink our empire state bldg was demolished. Clinton was a good president because he kept the peace and our society ran a little better. For the last umpteen years these presidents have stepped into office basically on a trial and error basis feeling their way through the dark. This country didn’t go to hell from just 1 president, 1 term or even 1 year and it damn sure isn’t going to be fixed within 1 year or 1 term and maybe not even 1 president in 2 terms. America has been headed down this road for a long time. One of the major problems that I feel this gov’t has is minding other countries’ business. We need to stop sending food and funds to other countries and put that money into our own sick and destitutde population. There are children starving here, when have natural disaster, we have to rescue and rebuild our own lands and I think we need to start treating other countries the same. I know it may sound a little harsh, but we have to take care of home first. Our towers are still not up yet, New orleans looks like Katrina just hit yesterday I mean with all the money that was sent to Haiti and other foreign countries during their crisises, our economy could have been halfway back to normal by now. Just food for thought and if I’ve offended anyone with my comments, no pun intended, but I’m sure that many of my fellow Americans feel the same.

  5. Wow. How funy are some of you?! It doesn’t take a degree to make it in this country and you don’t have to be born fortunate either. I’m doing fine and I was kicked out of high school in my sophmore year. What it takes is guts and drive. Well that and DON’T QUIT YOUR JOB!! I run a business and I see so many quit their jobs. It takes no time at all and they are back begging and in this job market there isn’t much to be had. Also you might actually have to perform a duty that you may find disgusting or beneath you. A little warning: the only people that can be choosy about what kind of work they’ll do are filthy stinking rich and most of those of people don’t care, they’ll do it. That’s why they’re rich.
    Sucking off of the governments’ teat is not a job: that’s hoboing unless you cannot and I mean absolutely connot work. Those kind of people are quadriplegics and can’t move at all. I’ve been told by doctors that I am disabled because of some bad back injuries. Well I am not. I had to fight for my right to work and earn a living like a man should. But, well, maybe I’m just old fashioned then because it seems as though snap and tanif are chic or something because just about everyone seems to be drawing it. Its true because I have to fill out the damn paperwork.

    Alright i’m off of my soap box now. I just get so mad when I hear that someone can’t work because they’re depressed or some such nonsense. My advise take whatever job you can get even if it is fast food burger flipping or driving a honey wagon. Because as bad as it is it ain’t that bad. In the 30′s that was bad. We all have a/c and heat and almost no one has to walk a disturbing distance anywhere anymore. Until it gets to where we are eating our pets to survive I have little sympathy.

  6. I think it should be like this…. the welfare system should require drug testing for starters. And if you are on any govt help such as foodstamps,medical cards, or get a check for not working any govt help at all you should be drug tested. Plain and simple! And I realize someone has to pay for this…so they should put a fee or a waiver or some type of program in place to cover these expenses or determine if the applicant can cover these expenses. Bottom line is that then tax payers dollars are not going to drugees for a free handout. Tax payer dollars are still being used I get it but wouldnt you feel better knowing these ppl who are getting their “free handout” as you see it are being drug tested regularly…cuz trust me all the crackheads Ive seen there is no way they can keep clean to continue getting help. They will fail. Then they wont have the govt to live freely off of and they will be forced to shape up or go to jail or die for their bad choices, and that is just life. Everyone makes choices and no it is not fair taxpayers must pay for drug addicts to live freely. So clearly if you have legitamite needs for help from the govt you can pass your drug test if only they would make ppl take one and go on living w the help they give you because you do deserve the help.

  7. What rebate? I worked for 40 years, paying SS and FICA and taxes all the way but made the “mistake” of marrying a European woman. She doesn’t have an SSN because she never tried to work in the USA. She doesn’t even have – or want – a “Green Card”. She won’t ever receive an American SS check – not even a survivors allowance. But me, being married to a person with no SSN = NO REBATE. Huh. Guess somebody else gets the money.

  8. I think its disgusting when I wait on customers and they buy twenty and thirty dollars worth of food from a convience store..wtf? I dont pay taxes so yalls triflin asses can buy fuckin junk food!…n the worst part? Me n my mom struggle every dayand we cant get help from the state n shes in renal kidney failure!…but as long as lazy bitches and thier 5 kids have ppllleeennnttyyy of junk food to eat I guess thats ok

  9. It is not all Bush’s fault… each president tries to fix mistakes made by the previous president instaed of focusing on the real issues…. Greedy Americans put all of us in the economic black hole…. Always wanting something for free,,,, I try to live by the words my grandfather taught me ” if you want it WORK for it that way it is YOURS and no one can take it away”…. as far as our VETS getting free care… that is the least we can do seeing how they put their lives on the line to protect the reat of us that are not willing to serve in our Armed Forces…. They all have my thanks from the bottom of my heart…. Do I agree with this war that is going on… Hell no but I understand why it is happening and glad it is happening over there and not here. and Proud that so many have put their lives on the line for US …. People need to take a step back and give thanks to what they have instead of being GREEDY and wanting more for nothing and not working to help make it better for everyone…. Get off your lazy butts and vote for god’s sake and if you dont STOP COMPLAINING about it.

  10. cLAUDE lEE jR on January 11, 2011 at 12:26 pm


  11. Wow. Okay. Look, I’m really sorry for the, statistically speaking, very SMALL percentage of individuals who are seeing hard times due to occurences which are totally out of their control. Fact of the matter is, I don’t want to pay for the very LARGE percentage who are simply not doing enough now, or didnt do enough in the past to get themselves in this situation. If you are surviving solely on social security/disability in the latter half of your life, YOU FAILED. While I’m stuffing 10-20 percent of my paychecks into retirement funds such as IRAs and 401ks, sure things are tighter now. The whole concept is that I will be able to comfortably take care of myself later if something happens to me, like I dunno, retirement or disability. It’s not my fault that the light bulb doesnt come on for most americans until the age of 45 or 50. We have all been told our entire lives to save and invest. A lot of people CHOOSE not to. THATS NOT MY PROBLEM, nor am I particulary fond of the idea of even more of my money coming out in the form of taxes to pay for those people. Sure, I understand some people get cancer, heart conditions….yada yada yada. Look, I’m really sorry about that, but as a tax payer that is NOT MY PROBLEM. As an individual, I may decide to donate some of my money to your cause, but as an american citizen, I shouldn’t be forced to. I’ve been in ruts. I’ve had family members in ruts. We help as best as we can. That’s the problem with this country. There is no “survival of the fittest” any more. There is no “work your butt off and get rewarded for it” anymore because for every dollar that is supplied to fuel this socialist system, thats less opportunity for personal growth. Your problem is not by problem by proxy. Your problem is only my problem if I choose to make it so, because I care. Right now, I dont care because you get help from my tax dollars, which I did not choose to give you. Deal with it.

  12. I think all people should be a little less talkative & a whole lot more king to hearing. I always say if u have nothing good to say, don’t say it at all, and never judge anyone unless u have been in there shoes, then don’t judge them help them. We can sit back & point fingers all day till we are all blue in the face, but it will get us no where. I firmly believe the big man up above is in control & he will handel & deal with this world & the people in it. So just pray & set back & watch.

  13. first of all if you are on disability…. you probably deserve it cuz its not an easy thing to get a hold of. – secondly if you are on food stamps…. i hope you deserve them because there are starving people in this country that need them – twehird of all…. about the veterans, sincerely thank you for all you gave, however, my exhusband is a veteran and we got all sorts of benefits and our children too, so many things i was awed so dont cry, seriously you signed the papers – now lets get down to business. anyone who is on any type of welfare needs to take a random drug test and prosecute the little @$$3$ that are wasting our countries money – also (coming from the southj) what about the 600 hispanic imigrant families in my county alone that are on all kinds of medical, money, housing and food benefits but drive escalades and them and their 17 children have more gold on than a jewelry store? it comes down to the all time story of there is good and there is bad in everything in life, even welfare. if we caught and penalized (seriously penalized) those who abused the system, we would save so much more it would be rediculous

  14. I wish people would stop complaining and judging what other people are doing. if your not getting the results you want DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT and stop complaining about feeling cheated because, you have all the resources you need right in front of you don’t be so closed minded. Stop living your life waiting on tax time, cuts, or stimulate packages. There is a way out of this recession but you will never see it just sitting there and complaining. take control over your life and stop letting people manipulate it. I’d be more than happy to share with you all what I did to recession proof my life, and the life of my friends and family. you can email me directly at a.mary222@gmail.com you can even look me up on facebook.

  15. The people who abuse the system offend me, like they do a lot of people. I know first hand of the kind of people who just want the DV plate for their car and a free check. Just because you served does not entitle you to a free, lifelong ride. You vets already get free health care, which is way more than some people get. To hear people say on this comment page that they’re old or a vet, and they’re not getting a stimulus is kinda depressing, but the entitlement programs of the U.S. were at one time, the best in the world. But in that time, 7 people or more worked for every 1 one disability. Now it’s like 2 or 3 per person on a check. I firmly believe America should have the best welfare system in the world, but there should be limitations. It’s easy to point the finger at someone on a check, but not point the finger at GM, Ford, Firestone, and all those other companies that outsourced all the good jobs away. It’s easy to point the finger at a person who uses illegal drugs, and not think about the crooked people who helped those drugs get here. They did’nt all get walked here on a fu@#ing donkey’s back, I’ll tell you that. The glory days are long gone for America, unless you work in the arms industry. But for all my complaining, my toilet flushes, and I have a fridge full of food. Oh well, wise up people, stop buying rims for your car, and buy some land!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop involving yourselves with illegal drugs and trying to make a quick buck when you see the Laws, Courts, Masons, Intelligence Community, are the ones who bring them here, and the ones who run the prisons that they put you in when you get caught with these illegal drugs. If you cant’ pinpoint Bolivia or Iran or other countries on a map, no wonder you’re on a check!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Viva Gerald Celente!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. first off you can not talk crap like you are all taking unless you have walked a mile in somone else’s shoes. The way you are all talking is ridiculous and shame on you. God help you ever find yourself in a position with no job and no job to be found. We did not all get to go to college and get degrees. Also most pregnancies are not planned pregnancies. You should do a little research before you start talking down on everyone who is having hard times in what is one of the worst economic states we have ever seen in our lifetimes. I hope you all lose your jobs and get a taste of what a large percentage of this country is coming too. I know people that have worked at the same jobs all their lives and we are talking over 40+ years and even they were not safe from this crappy economy. Incase you do not know this is how it works. First too many companies are relocating overseas and getting hefty tax breaks to do so. Less jobs for americans. Less jobs = less money, less money = less shopping, less shopping = less manufacturing/service positions, less mfg/service positions = less money = less shopping and it is a vicious cycle. So until you have tasted the misfortune that sadly many of us have, you should not judge. Shame on you. You are sick and dispicable people and you do not deserve to have the good fortunes that you have. I hope you all lose it all and have to live in a fricking box on the side of the road. Then you would hope people would have compassion for your sorry butts. It’s because of people like you that this country is going downhill fast. We should all be working together to fix the problem. If we knew how to unit and stand up against all the injustices, like our ancester did, we would all be better off for it.

  17. can anyobe out there live on 773.00 a month for the rest of their lives? This is what I have to do after working 60 hours a week for 16 years, my body gave ouot and now i have a fatal disease and have been put on disability. I cant make it–i give myself abother 3 months before i am living on the sidewalk

  18. Lorraine Cruz on December 14, 2010 at 9:16 pm

    People are way too judgemental, you talk CRAP about people whom you don’t even know nor do you know there situation AND NOT ALL PEOPLE ON EBT FOODSTAMPS ARE OVER WEIGHT, I currently get foodstamps and SSI which I now need I worked for year’s until my kidney failure and stage 4 cancer basically put an end to that, So now I struggle EVERY MONTH JUST TO MAKE ENDS MEET WHICH IS EXTREMELY HARD but the one’s whom decide to talk crap about it will one day end up needing it because karma’s a B*#CH and WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND REMEMBER THAT !!!! AND also about this OBAMA situation he’s been trying to clean up a mess that BUSH put us in when BUSH took office our ECONOMY was the best it has ever been do to CLINTON , CLINTON handed over a great ECONOMY to BUSH and he DESTROYED IT and now OBAMA is cleaning up his mess so stop blaming him BLAME BUSH it’s ALL his fault !! MAY GOD BLESS ALL !!!

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